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Make and Barrel Your Own Wine

Teaching the fine art of private label winemaking. We provide everything you need from the equipment, bottles, labels and storage along with our years of experience to help craft your very own private label wine.

Our Curriculum

We've designed four classes to help you learn and master the art of making wine.

1. The Crush

Feed your grapes into our crushing and destemming machine. The must is pumped into fermenting vats, where it will rest until the primary fermentation completes.

2. The Press

After one week, fermentation has begun turning the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. During this session you will fill the partially fermented must to separate the juice from the skins. The yield is placed in an oak barrel to complete fermentation.

3. Rack it Up

After nearly 16 weeks, the sediment from has settled to the bottom of the barrel. During the racking process, you will carefully pump your wine from the barrel leaving behind any sediment, clean the barrel and pump your wine back into the barrel.

4. Filter, Fill & Cork

After nearly 10 months, your wine is ready to be removed from the barrel to be filtered and pumped into our bottling machine. You will will cork and label bottles of your own premium wine.

Our Grapes

The same grapes used in world class wines from California, Chile and South Africa are available to you. These grapes are imported cold and produce award winning wines of exceptional flavor and quality.

California & Washington Price List*

Chilean and South African Price List*

*per barrel = 240 bottles

To make and barrel you own wine

call Robert Rispoli

(718) 227-9463 

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